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    1. he is just pushing it to the side
      he doesn’t wanna work on it but to avoid too much criticism he’s acting like he’s still continuing it
      though anyone can tell from the quality OR the quantity of the chapters that he doesn’t really care to spend too much time in it

  1. I forgot all about this story so much that I had a hard time remembering where we were when I started this chapter lol. Who do I have to pay someone to blow to get more consistent chapters?

        1. i didn’t read the latest chapter anyways
          i was thinking of reading it but then i was like naah its prolly gonna progress the plot by X100 and nie li would already be fighting the sage emperor or some bullshit
          anyways this has become a novel that, at this point, i would just skim through rather than earnestly reading and enjoying

  2. message to the writer.

    i’ve read countless books/novels of any kinds: romance, fantasy, horror, etc. although they have their own point and direction, the story line where the reader is enchant or enraptured or filled with curiosity is only for a while and mostly filled with boring part.

    i believe this novels filled the criteria to be one of the top ranking, only if, the updates can balance their heart’s curiosity and their mind’s rage.

    previously ranked this 5 star, but change it to 3 star. reason? waiting is the most annoying part in all specially if you don’t know if you’re waiting for nothing. i think most of my friends that i recommended this book to also down graded the rank.

    hope mr. wuxiaworld will help me pass this message.

    [sorry for the inconvenience]

  3. For the first time in forever, I’ve finally seen a new chapter come out! For the first time in forever after binging tag till 451. I see a new release, worth the wait, the depressing wait. For the Tales of Demons, and Gods!!!

    1. according to my ears and eyes. the next chapter might come after two months… 2x/day to once a week to once a month. maybe next is after a year. hehe… [spoiler xd] 😈

  4. I think we have to find out of the writer himself, why he is stalling so much on this Novell. There is another site whom loads this up and its at chapter 2000k going, but their sentence structure is VERY SHITTY words, everything

    So my thought is that the one who writes for wuxia either is disinterested or not even giving a shit to post these chapter regularly…
    If you don’t want to write then ask them to let another person do it so the ones who liked it, can watch it as its not that the chapter are not coming out but the one translating it does not give his all

      1. heh, funny how translations have now caught up with the RAWs… so it’s basically impossible to read more chapters elswhere because they basically don’t exist. That’s why I call bullshit boutisma!

  5. My Thoughts/Message To Author:

    I think that what you are writing here is one of the best I have seen, and it is one of my favorite novels and manhuas of all time. I think that you should care more about this though, because many people enjoy reading it. I don’t know if its just scheduling problems, or just being uninterested in writing more, but I think that this is something that you should continue. I get that if you don’t want to do any more, its perfectly fine. But a lot of people would be disappointed by it. I care about this novel, because it was one of the first I ever read, and have been following it for a long time. But If the reason why you haven’t been interested in writing more, I would say to just cut it off here and never write it again. If that’s what you really want right now, that’s fine. You can do whatever you want with your life. But at least stop pretending you still care by pushing out small amounts of work once a month. But on the other hand, if it’s a scheduling issue, then by all means continue what your doing, and if you still care about it, please try to push out chapters more often. It would break my heart to see such a good novel die this way. Its just pitiful. I’m gonna wrap this up by saying this; Although things may seem dull writing about the same thing over and over again, just know that the spirit of writing is essentially writing about the same things over and over. Have you heard of an American author called Erin Hunter? He wrote a series called Warriors with OVER 50 BOOKS. He wrote about essentially the same things in every book. But he stuck with it, and had dedication, and ended the series (sort of) with a bang. So at least finish this novel. You have already gone this far, so you may as well continue. If you feel like it, you could just have the main character find some item, that allows him to kill the Sage Emperor. I care about the series, and would like to see more plot. But if you really don’t want to continue, at least end it quickly instead of making us wait 7 years for the ending. At this rate, you will only have made 60 chapters in 5 years. I don’t think that’s a very fast pace, but I could be wrong. Anyway, that’s my super long rant about this series.

    -Dedicated Fan

    1. I’m one with you on this! I am really hopeful for the author to continue this novel. As have you said it, this is also my favorite novel.

      -vomits a mouthful of fresh blood. lolz

  6. FFS… I wish people would stop with this “OMG THE AUTHOR DROPPED THE NOVEL!” crap. Another chapter was just released yesterday. It hasn’t been dropped.

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