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    1. Previous chapter? As in chapter 447?

      I get a 404 trying to load 447, wanted to go back one and reread the previous chapter to freshen up my memories.

      What happened to it?

      1. Basicly : they walked around the sect, showed the visitor the number of dao of dragon and other powerfull pepole in the sect, aaaaand … scared the shit out of them by saying the girl was already nie li’s. Does that make sens ?

  1. I’ve already debated just giving up on tdg. If chapter 447 isn’t fixed soon itll just confirm I expected to much from a site like this. No offense but I’m not happy I didn’t see chapter 447 released during Christmas. So I’m frustrated that there are 2 chapters out but I can’t read the first and reading the latter is a no can do.

    1. Dude, the site is run by PEOPLE… of course screw ups occasionally happen.

      Okay, so you didn’t see the Christmas release, fine, lots of people missed it (it’s probably cause it looks like tgr cause of the brackets).. but because 1 chapter screws up, and you say “I expected too much from a site like this”…

      The f***???

      Even the largest sites, ranging from Facebook, google, youtube and twitter have issue.

      But because a single page in the thousands of pages on this site has an issue, you say such stupid things???

      I don’t mean to be rude… but that’s just dumb…

  2. I think this chapter should be 447 and not 448, right? Otherwise why is there no Chapter 447?
    Doesn’t seem like we missed something too, unless it was just useless rambling like this in 447…
    Thanks for the translation btw!

  3. At last the once a month chapter coming out…really miss TDG.
    Thanks for the chapter…hopefully the writer can produce more in 2017.
    Happy Chinese New Year (soon).

    1. Happy Chinese New Year to you, too, and also Team Panda, with thanks for the chapter!

      It’s finally my year! I’m trying not to get too cocky about it.

  4. “Sorry, guys for not being able to post the chapters out. Truth be told, the chapters are already edited but just that I don’t have the time to post them up. I was in hospital 2 days ago for high fever and was in the observation room for quite sometime :/ I’ll try to get it out tomorrow before returning back to the hospital for some blood test.” from thyaeria tgr

  5. Based on Google translation, it seem Demon God Sect found out about Long Tianming lost and Nie Li become new Sect master. They also found out Nie Li is from Tiny World.

  6. He says he’s working on the chapter. He posted about it on today’s TGR release.

    “PS: Working on TDG’s latest chapter now. Hopefully it’d be fully edited after my shift tomorrow!”

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