【TDG】Chapter 447

Here comes the latest TDG chapter! Which I’ll probably come back for more TDG chapter next week PS: I meant next month!
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Chapter 447 – Provoking the Almighty

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  1. sorry but i dont think i will be supporting Rebirth of the Thief …it might became TDG in the future.. once a month update? hell no! ..regretfully

    ….im done with Mad Snails 🙁

    I freaking love this novel.. and what has he done? ..really breaks my heart T___T

    it really leaves a bad sour aftertaste.. apologies 🙁

    1. Snail has been.. well.. having his own pace with TDG.. I can guarantee Panda Brigade is doing their best in satisfying our demands with TR.

  2. Can’t they just notify mad snail to be more faster? If he can be more faster then i can really pay much more than last time i will even drop 300$ for just two chap.. wadya say? The Author is really living up to its name “snail”….

    1. The Author lost any Interest in TDG so i wouldn’t bother supporting him in this regard. While still have a amount of respect for the author being able to invent such many ideas i can understand the people who cuss at him for his lacking discipline to end one series properly without any ragequit deus ex machina.

  3. ohh my god…this is reaLLY real??? hahah I can´t believe it…is it because is Christmas?…ohhh so ROT is from Mad Snails?…I will think about it…suffering with TDG is enough for now…Today I´m heading to BTTH…I need to read about Masters whereabout! damn Soul Hall how you dare! and well with Divine Throne and WDQK…BUT there is really a big but…because I like you I should read ROT…since is your request…thanks for this update…

    Ok ok… I am caLM now…

    First of all, thank god for chapter 447, I almost stated hallucinating about it (O,o). Thanks for giving me my dose.
    But seriously, one month is just way too much, did he even think it through? Right now, it feel like the story is about half way through, but if 400 chapters is half of the story, then we are up for another 400 chapters. But with this kinda pace (1 chapter/month = 12 chapters/year), how many decades it’ll take to finish this story. We might actually die of old age before we see this story through.

    I really hope he rethink his decision soon, cause it’s too sham wasting such a magnificent story.


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