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    1. hahaha yeh xD
      it exactly released this new chapter in 7 day, maybe he is going back to once a week … i would love it if that happen but i don’t have high hopes 😛

  1. Y’know, I’d be really tickled to find out that he started releasing more frequently because the translation caught up. I could understand it, though; a new, wildly different fanbase, that has had your novel listed as #1 most read for a really long time? I’d be more interested in continuing old projects under those conditions too!

  2. I dislike that he already did kill some Arcs of TDG with that speeding up after Nie Li came out of the temple. If he continues this series now it still wont be that long till the end anymore i suppose. (Not to mention that atm kinda time skip of 5 years happens)

    Sad but well… cant be helped anymore.

    1. I’m not sure how to think about it to be honest. While I agree that it is moving kind of fast compared to at the start, but at the same time I feel like that’s because of the changes to the timeline. Let’s also not forget that he supposedly has 200 years before anything happens, whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. Either way, by the time all that happens, wouldn’t the people he was trying to protect (his family) already be dead?

      1. Well, his Family/Glory city was mainly threatened by the Sacred Family and the Demon Lord. He wants that his Family doesnt get killed by these like it happened in his past life when they died around the age he is now. That they will be dead by the time he normally intented or still intents to fight the Sage Emporer is very likely unless they got aswell some Cultivation to improve the length of their lives, but thats how it is and as long as they could live their “full” life its fine i suppose.

        Well, still he skipped many things like for example the Central District which was said to be must visited if someone wants to become anything higher in the sect. And now that he got Billions of Cheatbottles he should reach the Deity realm within like no time. (Seeing how fast the Big 5 leveled up 2-3 Levels at Martial Ancestor realm) After that he maybe collects some Treasures of the tiny world and go to the Ancestral God land and after that well, Saint Emporer and over. With the current pacing it wont take anymore than 200 chapters if at all for that. Well, we’ll see.

  3. the storyline i think get faster,when nie lie suddenly become sect master. do u guys agree? and then why mad snail stop release this LN? its already 12 days passed. Someone pls tell me

  4. Hi guys, I am an avid fan for this novel. I just discovered these 400+ chapters while reading comments about it from mangafox (manhua version with photos and all). Now, it took me 4 days to finish all the chapters. Do you have any idea as to when the next chapter will be release? Appreciate your response. Thank you!

  5. Last Chapter was 18 november ! 1 Chapter a month we were told! Has someone more infos about the ongoing?
    After re re re re read it … still it’s fun … but after waiting a month … the flame shades …!

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