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  1. Thanks for the chapter, we’re finally up to the raws, quite sad that that’s now one less novel to read. Nice to read that line of seeing us next month definitely got a chuckle out of me. I guess now’s a good time as any to go catch up and re-read TGR now. I hope you enjoy translating TGR and good luck.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work Thyeria! Also, I’m willing to step in and help edit for TGR if you’d be willing to take me, as I did edit for jn while he was working on it.

  3. Thank you and your team SO MUCH for your earnest diligence! My honest assessment is, taking into account the amount of time each translator has available, of all the novels I read online you are just *slightly* behind Deathblade (ISSTH) in diligence, and equal to him in earnestness.

    Earnestness is my favorite virtue, so you see why I like you so much. Heh. Plus, I’m a Japanophile (and a Bunnyphile, hence my avatar) who never read Chinese novels until I ran across the TDG manga/manhua and started reading the novel on your home site! … Does that make me old-school re TDG, internet-wise?

    Anyway, don’t ever burn out, okay? (Not that Mad, Bad Snail is likely to make you risk that…) And please post where in the forum we can submit possible corrections we notice when we start re-reading old TDG chapters because we’re jonesing!

  4. Readers should boycott Mad snail material until he gets serious again about TDG. This shit of leaving TDG behind to write a new book when hes not even done with it is kind of BS.

        1. Didn’t he start Star martial technique? or something along those lines? i’ve only read the manhua 9-10 chapters so far. i heard the LN isn’t even close now, unless they havn’t translated it much

    1. i completely agree with you on that!! shouldn’t you think the story plot out a bit? before rushing in with only a 1/3 of the plot figured out and waiting 1 month to write out such a small chapter anyways. Don’t get me wrong, i love the novel, but it seems like the author lacks enthusiasm.

  5. This may sound stingy but can you just please the new novel by Mad Snail? Star Martial God Technique i’ve been reading Mad Snails novels and i’m really addicted to style of writing!! There are other sites translating the novel but they stop at chapter 9 And the most recent chapter was in September 🙁 so if its even 1 chapter per week can you translate Star Martial God Technique?!

  6. wow, caught upto the raws huh, it must be the second chinese wn to have done so after TMW
    sad that we have to wait for mad snail now! thank you for your hard work panda ^^

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