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  1. what does everyone mean by one more chapter then its the end ……wait after chapter 444 are we not gonna get any more chapters ….can someone fill me on whats happening

    1. Meaning we will have reached the latest chapter, but it feels like the end since the author has been rarely updating for some reason-like once a month- soooo ya, the author has said that the waiting is for the manhua to catch up, but there are other ideas(or so called conspiracies) that people have speculated, including that the author has been secretly writing another novel, you can read all about it in the forum section for TDG.

      1. Not really *conspiracies* but facts. Waiting for manga, manhua or whatever you want to call it (its all the same thing) to catch up is just an excuse. I don’t think that anyone did something like this… It would be just stupid. I believe that author just got bored with it. It happens.

        1. More or less like that. And it seems that SMGT release manwha version not far off from its light novel. I assume that Mad Snail will focus fully on his new novel instead this as the novel is much more “manwha/comic like” unlike TDG. For TDG, because of too much narration and background description, the vibe around the setting lost its emotion when converted into manwha version but SMGT repair that. So yeah. I think that is one of the reason Mad Snail focus on it. But again, looking at his past 11 light novel before TDG, he does become bored after quite some times and some of his light novel end prematurely. But we cant do much, creating story is not easy and like TDG, even if the author release 1 chapter per day, the novel have live on for more than a year.

    2. Latest chapter that was released daily was chapter #415 (released back at 2016-01-04).
      Release speed was dropping so much that in the last 6 months only 10 chapters were released.
      There has been no official explanations issued, except for excuses back in chapter #415 or some of the earlier chapters.

      The most probable explanation is that in that time he has been releasing Star Martial God Technique.
      It’s based on content, style and the fact that he has started releasing it in may of 2016.
      There has been already 335 chapters released (two releases a day, just like TDG up to 300~), and is currently on official hiatus.

  2. Thyaeria I was wondering if you had any thoughts on getting in contact with the author and offering to set up a donation box for him for a chapter que type thing directly to him to see if we can get new chapter comings out again. I think the author of true martial world had something like this going on but I am not really sure at all. Seems like an interesting cool idea to me though and would show him that the story has a large fan-base overseas that are interested in supporting the story’s continuation

      1. He has not had a donation box in a long time and was busy before with trying to get into school and now with his mandatory service yet still has come out so constantly so I am not sure how that is relevant.

  3. Mad snail has just stated that he will soon continue with the raws twice a day. I was using google translate so i dont know if it was the first of december or January. The reason was that there have been some problems with the comic.

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