【TDG】Chapter 441

There will be a major announcement coming up soon~ Keep an eye for it guys!

Gonna go get dinner with my camp mates soon. There’ll be a chapter later in a few hours time when I get back!

Chapter 441 – Dao of Dragon Realm Experts

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. there’s gonna be a major announcement soon.. also a new chapter later ..nice!!

    i just hope i don’t cough up a mouthful of blood from that major announcement

  2. The announcment about you over taking raws in 3 chapter? Well guess you are the first person on wuxia world to do that so congratulations and ty for your hard work, considering that you said something about having more time now will you focus on TGR or will you pickup something new?

  3. So the link for 442 is u and Ning ut it nt have anything posted. Is this morning me or is the link not supposed to be up? Thank you so for the speedy high quality traslations!? I am a huge fan of your work. Thank you so much, from all us.

  4. I’m pretty sure that I already know what the major announcement is going to be, and, obviously it should be regarding TDG.

    My advice to everyone, it is quite an interesting move, and if successful, TDG is going to become a work of art on par with J.R.R. Tokens lord of the rings, and Star Wars; So, when the announcement is made, just anticipate a very good outcome.

    1. lmfao, u crazy bro? with so many mistakes in tdg and so many bad plot moves ( like forgetting about all his friends from glory city and ppl from glory city, kong ming, etc. we didnt see any information about them. I wont say whats in next chapters not to spoil it for everyone ). Only few ppl know about tdg existance. It doesnt even have official translating or wasnt published anywhere else in the world other then snails country. So, yea … on par with epic books … u wish

      1. It’s not that mad snail forgot about them, its that he hasn’t included them yet. I’ll wait for the announcement to say more than this. And, yes, I do think that things are going to turn out a great bit differently than what most expect.

        BTW, I really don’t know what bad plot twists others may be thinking about, but I believe that the plot twists may have been unoriginal, but were well planned.

      1. Nope, he has nothing to drop since he’s gonna overtake the raws with 2 or more chapters (i think)
        The announcement would probably be about translatine ‘The Great Ruler’ again, stopping the tranlation since there’s nothing to translate, translating another novel or the most awesome one…
        Thyaeria will continue this novel! HAHAHAHA Just kidding

  5. I will be waiting for it just like u did post this 2 chapters u promissed us at weekend. besides who cares about ur announcements when ur almost done translating and it will be now 1 chapter per month or snail will drop tdg and it will be 0 chapters per always

  6. Yoo~ Translator-san
    Uhhh I’m new so idk ur username yet sry

    1. Congrats on graduating the police course!
    2. I see a lot of hate about how you’re not uploading as much but DONT BE DISCOURAGED PLS I SUPPORT YOU
    If not for you they wouldn’t even be able to read this novel and I think they should be more grateful to you for spending your precious time translating this so we can read it.
    Thanks for everything you’ve done until now ^_^

    lmao i made an account specifically so i could write this

  7. at first i want to say thank you for translating ; the author made a lot of mistakes but somehow i continued reading and finished the whole thing within one weak;
    i don’t know why eventhou there are logic mistakes and holes in the story and even stuff that gets forgotten it’s a nice storry


    sadly it seems the author isn’t intrested in the story anylonger it moves as fast as a axed manga….

    anyhow thanks man!

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