30 thoughts on “【TDG】Chapter 440” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Helo guys 🙂 sory my poor english

    TDG novel the last chapterat 444 you search tlnm…. find on google Heheh . No new from “polic panda” in he twitter 🙁
    Here try another medic mybe you like it
    Novel :
    the rising shield hero
    The new gate

    Manga :
    the legendary moonlight sculptor
    the scholar reincarnation

    Or you guys wanna share another good story ?

    1. yeh i read on that site for 444, but his english translation is pretty bad and i had to guess work at least 70% of what he could have meant. I just want to read it properly translated to english like Thyaeria does. I’ll check out that rising shield hero though. already reading the other 3.

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