【TDG】Chapter 399

Starting from this week, the amount of chapters would be 5/week. I’ve decided to take the weekend off to rest. Also, all chapters would still be free without any need of donations! I apologise for the changes :/

1 out of 5 chapters of this week!

Chapter 399 – Balance

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  1. brother its a pity that i could get the story only during the five days of a week but you should take rest too so i can endure it pls don’t reduce it anymore then i’ll feel like i am going to blast from sorrow

  2. Its fine you are releasing 5 chapters a week, there are less then 45 chapters till you catch up with raws anyway and then we are gonna wait almost a month for one chapter, so take your time really.

    On that note, if you’re reading this, do you plan to pick up another novel when you catch up with raws? I remember someone talking about you reading through some novel and plan to translate it, but i forgot which one it was, TGR i believe.

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