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  1. thx for the chap

    well… i dont know if my ability to count is shroudet or something. isn’t this the 2nd chapter this week? as far as i know, there hasn’t been a chapter on monday and the chapter on sunday belonged to last week o.o

  2. I think you should release in batchs that make some kind of “mini-arc”. Its really depressing to read like this. I mean, at the end of the chapter we feel like nothing was achieved, nothing was concluded. Its really depressing.

    MGA releases in batches of 4 or more. The last four were the an entire battle. So it would be nice if the release were only made after the story progressed to a certain goal.

    Well, just a tip. Thanks for the chapter!

    1. If you’ve read one of the previous posts from Thyaeria, the Author (IET) has stopped writing TDG and God knows when he will resume. So this delaying tactic of posting chapter releases is better rather than not have anything to read for 1 year or so.

      1. Really? Oh god… i thought hiatus only ocurred in HxH and Berserk. Even novels suffers from the authors lazyness… one year from now, when the author comes back, I will probably have forgoten a lot of things. This is sad.

  3. thanks for the chapter 🙂
    it’s the third i read this week.

    some people like me prefer one chapter each day (6 for 7 day) than 6 per week
    other prefer maybe 6 per week , i understand that

    but those people can just wait one week to read the 6, what is the problem about doing that ?

    i really hope the author will resume writing…

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