【TDG】Chapter 387

This week’s releasing timing will be a little hectic, but you guys will still get 6 chapters total this week!

Chapter 387 – Unlucky

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. Thanks a lot!
    I just finished reading all the chapters, and i was wondering what is the total number of chapters the novel has?

    (Sorry if i wrote something weird, english isn’t my mother lenguage, and i am good at reading it, but its kind of hard to write or talk it xD)

    and Thanks again, i love this novel 😀

  2. Hey Thyaeria,
    Do you plan to finish translating this novel since the author abdon it? Will you be translating his new one which is propably called Star martial god technique?

        1. Yeas he did. He doing the same thing as with his previous novel. Now we got 1 chap per month, and chapter is rushing the story more than previously 100 of them.

          And the manga slow down a lot too.

          Btw. First he said that it is to make manga catch up, laterit was due to his father death, now he’s sick. All the time finding the reason for no releasing the novel, while the new one is already 200 chap+

        2. And btw. did you saw manga lately? it’s jumping like crazy, half of story is missing. One chapter when Nie Li is merging with shadow, and his siter came. Next chap start with him killing first one of 3 guys that wanted to kill him that time.

          1. I really don’t mind manga going the way it is and as for novel i know that he is rushing and chapters are smaller but come on dude has been writing it for a long time and he is probably board better for him to cool of a bit and then continue

  3. Hi could you please post a link to the chapter after nie li tricks the demon guy into having a fight with that long guy and his followers please? I havent been able to read for almost 2 weeks or so now…

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