19 thoughts on “【TDG】Chapter 386” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks so much for the chapter.
    I’ve spent all week reading from the beginning since the manhwa isn’t as far ahead. Can’t wait to see what treasure Nie Lie gets 🙂

  2. I wish you’d tell us the dates where you release the chapters. Always letting us wait for nothing brings down your ratings :-/ What happened to your regular schedule? 🙁

    1. Sure we can be patient, after all it is a free service that is done, so we can get to enjoy a great story.
      But the problem I have (and I assume others) is that when a schedule is set, we also set up certain expectations around it. Is it fair to be yelling “I want the chapter!!”, no of cause not.
      But with expectations you will get a positive or negative result when you either stay true to it or not.

      Heck I am sure many people wouldn’t even get pissy if the translaters (can’t remember the nicks) had released the message they did (This week’s releasing timing will be a little hectic, but you guys will still get 6 chapters total this week!) earlier, when they normally releases the chapters.

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