【TDG】Chapter 384

Note! I said earlier on that there will be 3-4 chapters this week. I’d be moving friday’s chapter into the weekends! Sorry for the delay caused..

Chapter 384 – Outer Hall

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  1. Hope you can continue your 6 chapters a week 🙂 Hope your exams went well too. 😀 Kindly Please continue the chapters till sunday and rest on monday, and do it tuesday to saturday 😀

  2. I appreciate the chapters, but a word of advice. Stick to your schedule.
    If you say you are going to release x chapters y week, then don’t change it all of a sudden. It is my experience with school, work and volunteer projects, that it is much easier to set a schedule and keep at it, then suddenly allow myself to slip here and there.

    Again I appreciate the chapters, been following tdg, for a while now, but it was just a piece of advice.

    1. He has been good at following the schedule, but right now he is in the army/police, and he just got a whole new Novel to translate and he has almost caught up with the raw.

  3. sorry i’m new here … is it a race ? 😀
    the chapter won’t run away, and you can still read ISSTH to wait …
    don’t you read the news ? -> ” TDG almost caught up to raws,”
    so no need to rush and to put pression on Thyaeria, let the people live and breath 😉 (it’s just a piece of adive 😀 )

    thanks for the chapter

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