【TDG】Chapter 382

Here’s the promised chapter! The second chapter will come shortly in about 1hour or so, I’m working on it right now!

Also, I went drinking with my friends last night and I had 2 pokestop right at the location xD I don’t even have to move lol. Me and my friends were taking turn throwing down lures the entire night 😛

Oh and I got a Dragonite!!

Chapter 382 – Following

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. Damn, thats the advantage of heavily populated cities.

    Pokestops and XM concentrations everywhere.

    Meanwhile I’m losing weight cos I have to do a 1k jog to the nearest pokestop.

  2. a huge thanks from france for all this work on all those chapters ! it’s a pleasure and the translation are good !

    (if you look for pokestop i don’t know if you know the tip but niantic use the spot that the players of ingress asked for, so if you look for the map of ingress you can find all this spot around your house and if you have friend who play ingress you can ask them to propose spot for you (although it can take severales week) 😉 i hope it was useful 😉 )

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