26 thoughts on “【TDG】Chapter 377” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Why cant I comment in the chapter’s page?

    And, please, could you stop with the spoilerous titles? Man, you read a title and you know exactly whats gona happen. I try to cover the title as fast as I can to not read it, but sometimes its difficult. Please, put something that wont spoil whats gona happen. Please!

    And really thanks for your hard work. I really appreciate you translating this marvel.

    1. i think not. cause remember the item used to get them there was ring of space and time right ?? so it isnt unimaginable that they would travel years back or 60 years into the future, cause Nie li said that in sixty years demon clan would invade that palace and get their hands on valuable treasure, what i expect to happen is, they venture into that palace, they get their hands on treasure, that 80 old guy takes the treasure for himself but nie li steals it from him, manages to secure treasure by putting it into the painting and then he will die with xiao yu and then they will get back to original time and they would have the treasure!
      p.s would make amazing plot 😀 dont you think ?? 😀 😀

    1. O cara que traduz, acho que uns 3 capítulos atrás, ele falou que ficou doente, e que nessa semana (25-29/07) ele só iria postar 3 capítulos, e na próxima ele ia voltar ao normal, que é um capítulo por dia, só domingo que não. No caso, o próximo capítulo só sai segunda, e aí fica normal, terça vai sair, quarta… Mas nem perca tempo procurando o capítulo amanhã.

    1. Panda mentioned there would only be 3 chapters this week, something about him being sick if I remember correctly. I’m happy though, at least he could do a few and still get some rest. Anyways, back to regular 6 a week with tonight’s release.

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