【TDG】Chapter 374

If some of you followed me on twitter, I was down with fever last weekend and had to take sick leave to stay home and rest. Therefore, I couldn’t have much chapter done for next week :< I'm terribly sorry about that… Next week will only have 3 chapters, but I will split it up in the week. Releases will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Let us resume 6 chap/week the week after next! If nothing else happens 😛

Chapter 374 – Void Spiritual Array

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  1. “… so she can escape.” The voice said

    “So what you’re asking me to do is to stuff Xiao Yu into my thing so that she doesn’t get f*(3D by the Sage Emperor?” Nei Li scratched the back of his ear and continued “What if she refuses? My thing is pretty small, a girl like her might want something bigger.”

    “I can see what you mean. But I sense that your “thing” is overflowing with Heavenly Energy from all the “wet stuff” inside.” The voice thoughtfully explained.

    “I see, so if she were stuffed in there, the “process” of making her a “woman” would be assured!” Nei Li said in amazement of the voice’s insight.

    “Your thing is truly remarkable, so much potential in such a small package! Well I guess that’s a given considering that it is a Ultra-Mega-Rare-Ancient-Ascendant-Haxor-Kamisama-Item,” remarked the Voice
    “I understand, once I get out of here I’ll make sure she’s stuffed into my thing and immersed the viscous Heavenly Energy produced by the “wet stuff” in my Ultra-Mega-Rare-Ancient-Ascendant-Haxor-Kamisama-Item!”

    “Thank you and keep Xiao Yu safe.” The Voice soon trailed away and Nei “The MIFL Magnet” Li returned to Xiao Yu’s side. Without asking for permission, he forcefully shoved Xiao Yu into his thing and had her immerse in the viscous Heavenly Energy inside. Xiao Yu drowned in the viscous energy and after “a while” became “a woman.”

    Later the Sage Emperor got face wreck by Woman Xiao Yu and everyone lived happily ever after.


  2. Sorry for the long random comment, I thought the link on the side would go straight to the story. 🙁

    I hope you get better soon. I don’t want to be reading this story the google translate version. xD

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