【TDG】Chapter 362

I’ll be slightly more busy this week and therefore, there will only be 4 chapters this week. Do pardon me for it :(. All releases will resume normal next week at 6chapters/week! Do understand and I apologise for this!

Here’s 4 of 4 chapters

Chapter 362 – Die While Fully Knowing

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. Dear Translator,
    I think the site http://www.readlightnovel.com
    Is ripping off your work! What I can see, is they take your work (translated chapter) and copy and paste it into their site. I am not sure if they are ripping you off or you gave them permission to put your work into their site. So I’m just warning you. If you didn’t give them permission I think they are ripping of a lot people hard work

    [We already know about that site, but thanks for notifying us]

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