【TDG】Chapter 360

I’ll be slightly more busy this week and therefore, there will only be 4 chapters this week. Do pardon me for it :(. All releases will resume normal next week at 6chapters/week! Do understand and I apologise for this!

Here’s 2 of 4 chapters

Chapter 360 – 5-fate

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. well if its just this week.. then its alright.. i thought your releases will be 4 chapters every week (for the whole month) …thankfully its just this week

  2. *ouch* well – I am sure many of us will be busy as well – busy waiting for the rest of the chapters. . .
    But in meantime, hope its a good kinda busy and not so much of the tedious kind of busy that awaits many of us (like scrubbing the in-laws kitchen clean of 20yrs+ worth of grease from the gas stove and oven – my 4th of july holiday weekend !!!)

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