【TDG】Chapter 359

I’ll be slightly more busy this week and therefore, there will only be 4 chapters this week. Do pardon me for it :(. All releases will resume normal next week at 6chapters/week! Do understand and I apologise for this!

Here’s 1 of 4 chapters

Chapter 359 – Back Spikes

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  1. It’s sad that I’ll miss half my TDG for the week, but I understand, Real Life doesn’t wait for anyone. You do what you have to do and we’ll be here, waiting patiently.

  2. Considering how the actual author is procrastinating on this story while working on another novel ~ it’s completely understandable if you release even much lesser chapters a week because at this rate you’ll catch up too soon and there would be no more new content to translate. Following the author’s pace is 150% more terrible than your current pace. Releasing one chapter a week would still be considered a blessing to me. I just hope you don’t catch up too soon because I’m sure the author is planning for a very lengthy hiatus.

  3. Thanks for the chapter, and no need to apologize for the delay. You do great work and do it consistently at that. Best of luck with real life.

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