【TDG】Chapter 316

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Chapter 316 – Selling words

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  1. Well I’ve decided a bit of an odd thing I’ve been on wuxia world for so long and the only book I’ve been able to completely finish reading and enjoy was CD and I read every novel on this site as its released along with others not from this site, so as of today simply do to my enjoyment from reading all these books I’ve decided to learn Chinese (so I can read ahead;)) jk no but I have decided to start learning although I’m sure it will take a good long while before I’m proficient enough to do something like read a novel I figure learning another language wouldn’t be a bad thing and it’s related to something I like which makes it even better so now I just gotta figure out how to go about learning it….

    1. Chinese is difficult to learn, especially if you do not know a language similar to Chinese like Korean or Japanese. Learning Spanish as an English speaker is quite easy since both languages use alphabets but learning Chinese as an English speaker is quite challenging. As an American from China who speaks Cantonese, I have given up on writing/reading Chinese. Instead, I chose to learn English because it is easier. I have also decided to pick up Spanish as a high school & college non-English language requirement. This was such a smart decision in terms of making my life easy, because my Chinese American friend is currently failing his Chinese class in college. I have the same urge to learn Chinese from reading these light novels but I am still not ready for the grind. However, I wish you good luck. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, followed by Spanish and English. Being able to speak / read/ write it while being fluent in English looks good on your resume.

  2. Thx for the chapter.. Woooh, it took me a week to read chap1 to these part.. I started reading its manga, then become interested with the story…

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