【TDG】Chapter 312

What do you guys think about TDG having teaser? 😛
And the Panda avatar as well!
Btw, the banner that’s voted by everyone are being made into an actual banner and the draft would be available in a few days!!!

Chapter 312 – The Four Arts

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, and nice avatar!

    I try and avoid teasers myself, they just seem to make cliffs worse. It goes from cliff to a short drop to another cliff, reading them does terrible things to my head. I have no problem with them being there though, just please continue to mention that it’s a teaser.

    1. Cliffs are good as long as it reach a bottleneck in my Limit xD
      but if the cliffs insight are soo much that it make a breakthrough i will achieve the “Take a Peak at the Raw” Realm xD

  2. I love having a teaser. My only suggestion would be to make it more obvious that it’s an incomplete chapter. Something like:







    Chapter Teaser:

  3. teaser are nice sometimes, but at the same time it makes the next chapter feel shorter since you already know about 1/4th of the chapter and sometimes depending on how long the chapter is it may feel even smaller.

  4. Personally I don’t like teasers. I get too tempted to read them, and when the full chapter comes out it’s shorter because I already read a chunk of it. XD

  5. teasers are not really good….well that is just me but man must say again, that panda, dude…..that panda is so adorable. i would not sit in front of the pc for a whole day if i was given a panda like this for a day (ahh, not sitting in front of the pc is a matter of life and death for me btw)

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