【TDG】Chapter 304

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Chapter 304 – Ning’er’s Visit

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  1. Just made an acc so I could ask when will be the next chapter be released? And whit “when” I mean what time? I live in Serbia and here is 05:00 now… I become addicted to this LN.
    P.S. Great work translating this! Keep it rolling! 🙂
    P.P.S. Sorry for my bad English. :3

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  2. Hi,
    Did you ever post up saturday’s chapter? Chapter 304 said it was updated 2 days ago. Thanks! (just curious not trying to being rude or pushy)

  3. They said they were gonna set it up to auto-post eventually. How much you wanna bet Thyaeria thought they had set it up when they actually didn’t or messed it up somehow? Jeez, leave it to Thyaeria to even get a line of code to be inconsistent. XD Something tells me all the strict schedules they have in the military may come and bite Thyaeria in the butt lmao. Good luck man, you’re gonna need it.

  4. I feel deprived…
    The wait is killing me…
    Why?! Oh why?! Must it be a cliff hanger!

    Either way, thanks for the chapter. (Two days late). Good Job, keep it up~

    Anyone else guessing they’ll be surprised with the person Ninger is looking for?

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