【TDG】Chapter 303

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Chapter 303 – Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon

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  1. Thank you for the chapters. I was disappointed about how it said nie li reached heavenly fate realm, cuz when he reached 1 star bronze rank, it expressed anew feeling and stuff but for heavenly fate realm which is on a whole new level was said like ” Nie Li also reached heavenly fate realm after a month “, I mean wtf? Its so blank. And is the author rushing out chapters? Its not as smooth as it used to be in early chapters.

    1. What do u mean by that? Pretty sure he haven’t reach heavenly fate realm last chapter, only Lu Piao did. Nie Li still cant reach it even a month after that.

      He reach it this chapter, and I’m pretty sure it doesnt look as easy as u said.

    2. I heard some ppl saying Author is rushing the chapters but i think it’s about the latest chapters not now ,
      latest chapters should be around +400 , as last chapter is 435 atm i think .

      it’s really sad tho, I was Really Looking forward to Seeing Ye Wei ( MC from Cults of Sacred Runes ) Finally show up here in TDG , Since (*Spoiler From prequel*) Ye Wei become strongest person in his continent and then somehow find that Temporal Demon Spirit Book floating far far away ! Split himself into 5, 3 stay for family/work and 2 chase after The book ! then Story end saying , What next await Ye Wei ? Find out in TDG ! 😐

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