【TDG】Chapter 301

Results are out~ I didn’t make it.
Since it’s mandatory army service, I need to attend it at some point in my life sooner or later anyways, I can always apply for college after my two years of army service.

Sorry to say, there will practically be no changes to releases except that there will only be 6 chapters a week from now. Pardon me for it :< I have to stay in camp from monday to friday and only have weekends to catch up so I could only release 6 chapter a week.

Btw, I'm also getting my Panda logo reworked xD Trying to find an artist for it right now so it might be done in a week or two. Since I'm posted to the police section, which means I would become a policemen during that two years. So… I'm planning to get a new logo, a panda wearing police uniform? xD

Chapter 301 – Reward

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  1. Sorry to hear about your results, I almost didn’t make it to university 2 years ago either, it was a very stressful time for me and my family until my results came out. I hope you take it easy, there are many things to do in life, you can always try again later and succeed. I wish you luck in your military service.

  2. Sounds like you’re from Singapore! I noticed the “how you speak is how you write” essence in your sentences and to top it off the conscription information is identical to ours.

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