【TDG】Chapter 297

So…the school says that my application are still on reviewing and to check back with them if the results are not released by next wednesday.

This is probably the karma for always putting my readers on cliffhanger… Karama is real guys… xD

Chapter 297 – Reality

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Is there anything we, as your supporters and fans, can do to help you get into uni? I mean I am sure this translation is read by thousands if not tens of thousands of people. That has to help in SE sort of extracurricular fasion.
    Again thanks and good luck shoutout if you ever need anything.

  2. Thanks for Chapter. If you’re from Singapore, I thought you would still be enlisted, even though you have a university placing. If you dont get a placing now, you could still apply during your national service, I think.

  3. thanks for the chapters, I am Brazilian and I read here from Brazil every day when I wake up, you can be sure that every day you bring me some happiness, good luck in college and I’m waiting for more chapters hugs.

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