【TDG】Chapter 292

So dead drunk last night, just reached home and it’s already 4pm… chapter 293 will come in about an hour or so after I’ve freshen myself up with a bathe etc then I’ll check through the edits and have that chapter posted!

Chapter 292 – Soul Scales

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  1. I think I have said this a few times by now, but we appreciate the chapters you release.
    But if you say “I will release xx chapter at xx time” and you don’t, well people get a tiny bit mad. It is a great thing to make a schedule, but if you are not able to keep it (on a regular basis, not counting black outs where you can’t upload), well then it might be better to not say you might or might not release xx accounts of chapters.

    I am personally just happy you upload it, but it might be worth thinking about in the future.

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