【TDG】Chapter 291

Here’s your chapter! Did I mention that 17 april, which is tomorrow is my birthday?
Although it’s probably one of the worst birthday in my life to receive the dejecting news a week before my birthday lol…

Anyways, there will also be chapters tomorrow even if it’s my birthday so don’t worry!

Chapter 291 – Senior and Junior Apprentices

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    1. Don’t know if Thyaeria will get this but what mobile platform are you? Android or IOS? Got a birthday present for you! PS…. If your ever free come check out God and Devil World at Patriarch Reliance Translations (one of the projects I’m tied to)

  1. advance happy birthday sir thyaeria…may all the gods. bless you with longevity and continue to soar above the realms of gods and demons..*clasped hand* *bow*.

  2. Don’t fell too bad, I had a contract canceled on mine a few years back … thinking about it I think it’s one of my little cousins birthdays tomorrow too, I’ll have to check that. Well, try to have a happy birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    And thank you for the chapter release today, I am looking forward to learning more about Ying Yueru and her connection to Nie Li and Long Yuyin.

    I hope we can get a chapter tomorrow.

  4. I got it, at first I’ve confuse that why Hu Yong still try to win Long Yuyin heart after he beaten by her.

    It’s just he is a masocism and his qween is Long Yuyin in tight leather suit.

  5. thanks for the chapter,
    like what Nie Li said before, what is the meaning of life if it’s without a hardship for us to fight,,
    keep up the good work! 😀

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