【TDG】Chapter 286 + Current updates

Okay, so I’ve reapplied for 3 college. I’d be out to appeal for one college on monday, but results of everything would only be out on 22 April. Honestly speaking, I don’t really have much confidence in it. If however, I failed again and should be going to serve the army, I will still be doing translations. All chapters will stay the same, 6-7 chapters per week. I already have everything planned out, just that the price would be giving up all my freetime during my weekend for the first few months, which I’d be gladly to do since translating is really my thing xD!

If only I had a year more, it’d be able to finish the entire TDG without any trouble…

Chapter 286 – Heavenly Fate

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    1. first of all I want to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done up until now, your translations are excellent (I honestly though you were already in college)

      second, don’t lose faith in yourself if you present your case with an excellent argument, you still have a chance

      third, as a guy who served in the army, i have to say that it’s only hectic in the beginning, since you’re not used to it, after a couple of weeks it gets easier, and when you get assigned to your duty (unless it’s a combat unit) you can find time to do what you love around it ( although translating 6-7 per week might be a bit much).
      one last thing, the army might look like a punishment right now, but trust me, some of your best and worst experiences will come from there and a whole lot more funny stories. enjoy what ever path you follow.

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    In my selfishness, I truly hope you get to college to continue your studies and translations but we never know what will happen. Regardless, I hope you have a great time. I have a lot of hope ha ha.

  2. If you had a year you could finish TDG? Isn’t it still releasing new chapters in original Chinese? Unless the author said he was going to wrap up the story in less than a year, then I’m not sure how you’d manage that.

    Still, good luck on your applications/appeal, and thank you for your dedication.

  3. Are you applying to American schools as well? Chicago has many very good universities. Certain schools are ranked highly but don’t get a great number of foreign students so your chances would be good. Not sure if you can email me but get in contact with me and I will see what I can do.

  4. ok , thanks for the chapter .. i am sure u can prove you are a very talented translator that you really love to translate … no matter many other activities u had you can still translate in flash because you are amazing translator , keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Good luck with the application, and thanks for all the effort you put into this. I’m pretty sure others will agree when I say we all really appreciate it.

  6. Is it bad that I am hopping that your drill Sargent is a fan of this page and TDG and among the things that you have to do, he does make you do all the remaining chapters in 2 weeks tops?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Good luck Thyaeria we’re all rooting for you and don’t’ push yourself for the sake of it we won’t mind if you have to drop a few chapters a week. Remember your welfare comes first. ?

  8. You don’t have to serve this year, you probably have to enlist this year but doing the obligatory service is not forced to be done immediately (in the same year)..

    Just enlist but don’t go in on the day of the exams do that next year, it’s now a problem just take a trip or something the most they can do is make you pay a small fine for not attending.

    If you are dumb and attend the exam and they don’t dismiss you then you can just not attend to it when it starts they won’t miss you specially if you don’t go in the first week at all, worst case scenario they come to your house to take you there but that never hurt anybody.

    You don’t Have to do Anything! The worst thing that can happen is you not having the document they give you after you serve for 1 extra year.

    Military service is obligatory in my country too but they can dismiss you and stuff, I enlisted but I didn’t go in on the day they do the physical exams and dismiss people who don’t want to serve it will be two years now and I signed a document and now I won’t have to serve at all.

  9. Hey, good luck for your college applications; I don’t know where you live to know what joining the army entails, honestly, but hope it doesn’t come to that regardless. If college doesn’t work out might try a kickstarter or something to pay your living expenses for a year as a translation slave or something, if you’re particularly adverse to joining the military; who knows, might work out. Just be all the donations upfront.

  10. I have 8 close cousins that live in singapore… Man, you guys f*cking study like crazy, for like years and several of them still don’t get in. ;/. Idk? Maybe apply to study in US? Mm, ik that is what one of my cousin is doing bc, idk if this is true, but if she doesn’t get into a first rate university it not worth it or something. Idk. Meh. Gl with the military program btw if u do enter it. one of my other cousin had to do it too before he went to college. Lol.

    He said its a lot of jumping out of planes, a lot of shit that u just get used to, and dick officers at times. But he said it overall pretty cool bc a lot of ppl u know at school goes too.

  11. Chin up man. 1 year in the military isn’t bad, especially if you’re unlikely to go to war. You can always head to college afterwards. I joined the military and 2 months after basic training, I got deployed to Iraq for 10 months. After the Army, I headed to college. So there are worse situations.

  12. (F5-Sect)

    It’s against the Sect rules to post outside the top ten but your plight tugs at me; I sincerely hope you obtain the college entrance you seek. Luck is apart of life -Good Luck to you-

  13. Thanks for the chapter !

    Have you considered registering to a foreign university ? Here in France it starts as 300$/year, depending on what you study. Northern Europe ( Norway, Sweden ) also has some very open registration policies.

  14. As a Singaporean male that have already served, let me just tell you that you most likely wont be able to translate anything for the first few months to a year.

    If you can pass your napfa and have not yet done so, I suggest you go do that, 2 months off of NS is really huge. You might not feel it now and think that its just 2 months because you have not gone in yet, but once you’re in, you’ll realise how long 2 months can be.

    You’ll be so tired at the first few months of training (bmt) that the last thing you would want to do is translating, that is, if you have any free time at all.

    What I would suggest, if you don’t manage to go to school, is to:

    make a stockpile of chapters for now since you still have time.
    Drop the rate of releases (instead of once a day, maybe 4-5 a week)
    then release the chapters periodically.

    For now, prepare for the situation that you won’t be able to translate for the first year (average between 5 months to 1 year.

    and don’t listen to fassina2’s advice of not going, you’ll be really screwed.

    I suggest you ask for advice from your friends that have already served.

  15. I, for one, say take a week or so off and study. Either find a friend or co-worker, or just don’t post anything about this and work hard to either pass or bulk up for that training. You’re gonna need it. Don’t think about this. It’s not as important as your life. Get you life in order, and only then, should you do this as a hobby.

  16. i thought you had to serve ns once you graduate poly/ before uni so pretty sure you would have needed to go serve anyway… just that if you got accepted once you come out of ns you alreayd have a place in a local uni reserved for you that year. and if not you just wont have a place for you after ns

      1. yeah i know, however what i meant was the flaw in his thinking. either way he would have to serve ns first regardless if he got into a local uni or not.

  17. I may seem crazy, but can’t you, i don’t know…. apply for the different collage? I don’t know how it is in Singapore, but in my country both collages and universities have different subject. There are different fields of study, even kind in which you don’t need to do almost anything, like management.

  18. Just made a account to say “You got to do, what you got to do mate!”

    Don’t let something as doubt stop you from doing something, not trying, but doing!

    And what i know about army life, you will not have a lot of time, and any time you do have will be spend sleeping and regaining strengt for the next day of “basic” health training

  19. To be completely honest, once you get into a university/college/spec.school you’ll have less time than being in the army… xD
    As for me because I’m 2m im height and weight around 60kg I wasn’t taken. Apparently i should weight around 80kg… They want too much from me! xD

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