【TDG】Chapter 285

Chapter 284 was a chapter supposed to be on today but I posted it earlier to update you guys.
This is your ‘second’ chapter.
Anyways, there won’t be any chapters tomorrow, I’ll be running around places for my appeal so I hope you guys understand..

Chapter 285 – A Chicken Feather for an Authoritative Token

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Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  2. aaaaaaaaaa….. so mean , a day without any chapter is totally insane . where i could read the complete chinese version ? i bored to death waiting for the translation

  3. I must apologize to the translator for this novel because I know the reason they failed their test is because I became interested in this book and started following it. It may sound strange but it is true, every time I express interest in a book that is being translated something terrible always befalls the translator in charge of the releases causing them to not be able to focus on the book translations themselves. I definitely understand their situations and of course I sympathize so as a gift for the translator I shall leave this place and never come back and I can bet the good news will start flowing in. Anyways I’m still going to animate TDG on youtube but I won’t be able to post it here, as to ensure the translators safety.

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