【TDG】Chapter 284 + TDG’s Future!

Okay guys, bad news. I pretty much failed my college application.
I’m going to appeal first thing tomorrow, and somehow if it still doesn’t work, than I’ll have to go to serve the country. (In Singapore, every male are required to serve the army) I wished I have a year for me to finish TDG without any problems but it seems that things never go smoothly.

Backup Plan #1: The chapters will still go on, I’m planning to do a 30 chapters stockpile and have them automatically posted through the system. Hopefully, I’ll only be busy for the first month of my serving and I’d have more time on the weekend to translate while serving on the weekday.

Backup Plan #2: I have already talked to a friend of mine and he’s willing to help me cover some TDG chapters. Well, that’s the final plan since I still do plan to finish TDG all by myself. But if situation says no, then I’d have to give up that dream.

Backup Plan #3 + Bad news: I might have to decrease the amount of TDG Chapters from 6-7/week to 4-5/week. But I’ll try my best not to.

I’ll keep you guys updated!! Let’s hope my appeal is successful…

Chapter 284 – Blocked

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  1. For all of you interested how busy he will be (if he gets forced enlisted in the army):

    First 2-3 weeks will be he will be unable to go home at all.
    Basic training lasts for 2 months (4 if he didn’t pass the preliminary fitness tests)
    – During this period, he will only be able to be released home on fridays (saturday if fitness performance is bad)
    After the basic training he will be posted to a unit. Depending on that unit, life will be easier or tougher. Hard to say. Lasts for the next 20/22 months.

    All the best in your appeal! NS is no fun.

  2. Hope you do well… in the army… Mua ha ha!

    Na, I hope you can get into college, even if you don’t do well in college it’s still a really nice experience you shouldn’t miss.

  3. Good luck! We all appriciate the work you do and the amount of consideration you give to us.

    I hope whatever you do, you are happy and safe. Thank you. 🙂

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