【TDG】Chapter 283

Third chapter of the week!
Somehow, part of me doesn’t want it to be 7 April 2016 so soon… It’s the day that my results for college will be released…

Chapter 283 – You asked for it!

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  1. mmm… a little unnecessary… she is still a kid… I understand that his hate is deep but she clearly said she wouldn’t use her family to attack him, she would win against him next time with her own strength(can’t do anything about her wealth, it’s not her fault, she was born with it), and compared to many who would have gone back own their word, she let him do the S&M sh*t… most importantly… she is still a kid and a girl… as a 1000 year old man, Nie Li should learned how to control his emotions… 🙁
    P.S. I miss Xiao Ning’er :’-(

    1. I have to agree with this, she’s just a kid … and Nie even though in a kid body is thousand years older, with all that training he still can’t control himself.

    2. One can only criticize the events that actually happened, if the shoe was on the other foot I doubt mercy would have been her 1st response. 1000 years or not what difference does that make, the world is subdue or be subdued take or be taken from. Nie Li is better than me I would have cut her cultivation off and completely eliminated a possible future threat, then again I don’t trust rich people like her. Who cares if she “no longer” used her families potions and elixirs the rice had already been cooked otherwise the audience would have voiced their opinion against him if she had any redeeming qualities.

  2. The autor definitely has issues…A grown man taking it on a young girl, that’s seriously wrong. Nie li already took revenge against the DragonSeal family, which was against his master’s teachings, and he keeps doing it in this timeline….He shouldn’t be called her student. He should let go of his grudges vanish like smoke, into the thin air and help Long Yuyin become virtuous like water, for water does not compete. ¿Wasn’t he going to learn from his previous mistakes?

    1. you wrong .. he didnt take revenge . his action just only for prevention , his priority right now is to do whatever necessary to not let dragonseal family harm his master again

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