【TDG】Chapter 282 + Pre-monthsary nonsense

Chapter 282 – Who’s the Trash Now?

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

Pre-monthsary announcement before this forgetful panda forgets.
The first chapter of TDG was posted on 7 August 2015.
In just 3 days, it’d be the 9th month of me translating TDG!

Time passes real quick and before I knew it, so much time had already passed… I was always in the idea of me translating TDG for about 6months or so until I checked :/
Translating wasn’t easy when I started out, I had to manage between my part-time work and schools.
However, I soon made a choice after first two months of struggling with it! I gave up part-time work so that I could do translating and of course, none of this could have been done without the support from all the readers!

First few months of translating was really tough, sitting in front of my computer for at least 1hour 30minutes to translate was really dry for me at the beginning. However, I soon get used to it and instead of seeing it like a chore, I made it part of my daily schedule to translate!
I still remembered back at Thyaeriatranslation.com AKA Panda Site, I was so excited when I see a surge of 10k readers reading, every single increase made me absolutely excited! xD [I’ll post more about it on the day itself…If I still remember xD]

It’s the 9th month, I’m pretty sure and confident that if everything goes well, I’ll be able to finish translating the entire book of TDG!
I have to thank the support from all the readers, back then and now alike! I’m sorry about the inconsistent release timing tho… I promise I’ll get a consistent release timing when my school starts at the end of this month!!

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  1. Don’t stress out being inconsistent, happy with a release atleast once a day 😀 great work with all the translations so far and looking forward to more in the future.

  2. No worries about inconsistent timing. Just enjoy your break before school starts again. Funny thing is when you start school i also start my week of exam hell. I wont be able to read TDG T.T

  3. Thank you and congrats. TDG is one of my favorite works. It’s not formulaic and most importantly the MC cares about his friends enough to make sure they get stronger with him. I could go on and on but seriously thanks, I look forward to those funny brackets of yours haha. Now to read the chapter!

  4. I don’t mind inconsistencies as long as there’s a chapter tbh. Well… unless its 2 weeks per chapter then ill probably mind it. But so far great work! Keep on keepin’ on!

  5. Hey Thyaeria! This is my first time commenting but I felt really obligated to comment after seeing this. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to showing us this amazing journey through Nie Li’s second life and even giving up your part-time job to do something that we all appreciate so much on a daily basis. Its been a long journey from when I hopped in at Chapter 16 on that “Panda Site” as you call it haha, but I hope to be with you until the very end. Don’t worry about the release timing, as far as I’m concerned, releasing nearly everyday is as consistent as it can get! I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but these short 4-10 minutes I spend in Nie Li’s world mean a lot to me so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  6. Wow, Time sure does fly so fast. It has already been 9 months huh. I still vaguely remember when I gotta wake up in the middle of the night just to read the new chapter in the Panda Site afterward reading the random comments.

    Thank you very much for spending time on translating this novel and keep up the very good work ^.^

  7. Yaaaaaayyyy!!! Thanks for the hardwork Thaerya!

    We really love your work in translating it in a very awesome way… forget about the typos it’s natural… though inconsistent, i myself still thank you for continuing this great novel!

    Many many thanks ^_^

    —-> The Leecher like me really appreciate it!

    P.S. also Thank you editors and proof readers and especially the sponsorsss! Owe you great seeing this project progress this far :DDDD

  8. Thank you bro, you give me something to look foforward everyday, your work is what bring me to this site since I started reading the manhua and the chapters were so short and release so rare I was desperate to read the story and when I found the novel here it was like a blessing since I like the story and the MC a lot and couldn’t stop reading ever since that day.
    I want to thank all the sponsors too who are cooperating a lot I’ll be sure to be in that group when things change for me in the future.

  9. ???thanks for chapters thyaeria(author,translators and editors).

    Im sorry if u r offended but i feel like posting this comment for a while.

    I have read tdg’s all chapters more than thrice which is mouth watering.
    The world building is exceptionally good.
    The thing is,
    The story going forwards is relatively slow
    Nie le took around 250 chapters in order to reach legend rank .

    Dao cultivation consists of
    Legend -heaven star- heaven trans formation – heaven axis – dao of dragon – martial ancestor and level above that

    If we consider each releam around 250 chapters it will be more than 1000 chapters easily which is a good thing. reading each chapter with relatively less story progress in a week/weeks is like giving birds bread crumbs.niele should has to get all 7 demon spirits and demonbeasts for him and his friend.
    He need to solve kong ming mystery and his succesion.
    Defeat sage emperor,demon lord and yi ziyun’s doster brother
    Need to solve the mystery of demon temporal spirit book and space time spiritual god
    Forgot to mention his vine in soul realm
    After thinking about this readers like me would lose interest after 700 chapters even without any story progression though it is an addiction

    Pls think over this as tdg is my favorite light novel long with douluo dalu and btth which i dont want to lose u people

    Thanks for your relentless hard work thyaeria to make our lifes a bit happy???

    1. I think there is enough excitement chapter to chapter, and cliffhangers to keep people interested. Just look at MGA already past 700 chapters and still going strong.

  10. thank you and congrats – ive been following your releases since before you moved to WW – ^_^ i got hooked into this a few months back that i even got impatient and read a few raw chapters through google translate, but nothing beats your releases – dont worry about inconsistencies we know how busy you are with stuff ^_^ , we look forward for more of your releases – thank you once again

  11. August 7 is the day of my birthday, thank you for everything, and not care about the inconsistency, we know the effort in what you do and thank you for that. ( translator )

  12. Thanks so much. This is my escape from reality, like other people have said these few minuites reading the chapter really mean alot. No problem on the timings. Posting each day is consistent in my books, I’m sure in other people’s as well. Take care

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