【TDG】Chapter 280

Some heads up on TDG, figured that I’ll make a mini announcement every month.

For this month, I’ll still stick with 6-7chapters a week. 6 chapters if I’m real busy on the weekend and had to take a day off or something. However, instead of keeping quiet like how I’ve been doing in the previous month, I’ll make a post to address that there won’t be any chapter for that week so that you readers wouldn’t have to be kept waiting.

Next up, there still won’t be a fixed time for TDG’s chapter release, it will still be released at random timing of the day. Basically because my bodyclock are really messed up atm.

Well, that’s it! Have fun reading, cheers!

Chapter 280 – Three Lashes

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  1. To fix your body clock use sunlight if you can or a lamp on a timer. The body responds to light different to noise.

    If you can pick a time and use light for two weeks it should fix itself well.

    Thanks for chapter.

  2. Thanks for the good chapter
    I wonder what will happen in the dragon seal family after the 3 lashes. When will the climax of this chapter occurs its so suffocatings when reading cliffs

  3. Thank you for the Chapter!

    Also, thank you for the notice, I’d be staring at the ceiling all day waiting if it wasn’t for this, cause its summer vacation.

    Again, Thank you very much.

  4. i wonder why there are so many greedy readers who don’t know the virtue of patience.the author and translators have there own personal life to handle too so why not let them absent for a day or 2?if this happen to be a manga you have to wait 1 week 1 chapter..by the way thanks for the efforts..much appreciated.

    1. Its not about being greedy, its about notification.
      We readers keep coming back here to check if the chapter is released only to find out that there will be no chapter for that day.

    2. Well…the reason most mangas take one week for one chapter is because they already caught up and are waiting for releases (It’s usually one week for a release depending on the manga). And while there are raws some translators release multiple chapters in a week.
      P.S. I’m not saying that authors shouldn’t have their own personal time/life because there are raws, just that if this novel was caught up and was released weekly(I don’t know the release schedule for the original novel) then we would also have to wait for a whole week. This is also why Thyaeria is not doing double chapters because he doesn’t want to catch up and make us wait for a long time. Still, gotta admit he is having inconsistent releases since his holiday started.

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