【TDG】Chapter 278

Happy April Fools guys! It’s 1 April 2016, 12.45am on my side, so it’s APRIL FOOLS DAY!

Chapter 278 – Memories

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  1. so whens the real chapter coming out?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Right, the bad thing about visiting this kind of site or japanese related sites, is that we have to endure april fool joke a good 12 hours more than the average peoples lol

      Well, those who live far in the west.

  2. I am so confused.
    Is the entire chapter fake? If so, does the real chapter come soon?
    Even though the Chapter is confusing, it was good and funny but I’m a little sad if this isn’t the real chapter. I’d be so funny if his teacher had a bad personality and were all prideful. Nie Li would be shocked.
    P.S. Happy April fools 😀

  3. Damn i i got up at 2 30 am in the morning especially to read the chapter which is going to have some interesting cliffs then i was shocked and a bit angry after seeing the joke part.

    Pls release the todays chapter dose looking forward for it

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