【TDG】Chapter 275

Sorry guys, I totally forgot to release a chapter last night… Well I thought I’ve already released the chapter until I went to check WW today morning when I woke up…

Chapter 275 – Soul Brand

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. Is it just me, or someone else feel like Thyaeria will end up dropping the translations of TDG?
    I don’t want to sound too disrespectful but the amount of excuses he has been giving on his releases are insane.

    1. You do realize that just by saying that you don’t mean to be too disrespectful you aren’t actually cancelling the disrespectfulness of your statement right? you’re still being disrespectful as well as ungrateful.

    2. i think hes just telling us what happened keeping us updated.witch seem makes him human in our eyes the people something in witch u fail to see saying hes guna drop it. hes got a life and is keeping us informed that shows hes nowhere near dropping it and yes im an asshole but ur comment just grinds my gears

    3. do you perhaps realize that going by logs your feeling cud not possible be any shittier than anything?

      don’t say such ominous things and just cuz u don’t get to read for one day does not mean much. he is a human too and besides he had been releasing the committed chapters as promised and communicating his problems whenever he has them to his readers.

      sorry man but i feel like punching u right now and deal with you in the manner xianxia heroes take care of their enemies ^^

      1. Here are a few excuses he gave on the latest releases:
        275 – I totally forgot to release a chapter last night
        267 – I’m really distracted recently I have no idea why
        257 – Was and is still experiencing some internet issues last night
        252 – I went out to grab dinner and forgot to bring my keys with me. In the end, I had to wait till late 11pm before my parents come home
        243 – I went to sleep thinking that I had already posted the chapter

        I ignored any that had anything related to school, or sleep, since those are normal. Also, I’m not saying his excuses aren’t genuine, they can happen.
        Taking a better look, than going just by how I feel, I recognize that it was average 1 excuse per week, what isn’t anything big, but whenever he give any, since they are not something common they attract more attention than just saying “Here is today’s release”. Hence the feeling. However, when seeing that I do feel like he isn’t as motivated as he was in the beggining, could be something related to how the author of the novel and the novel itself as many people in forums say the quality of the newer (not translated) chapter is dropping, making the novel less interesting to be translated as well.
        If I don’t read for a day or not has nothing to do with it, I’d rather have 1 chapter per week saying “This is the week’s chapter” than having “Sorry for not posting yesterday for whatever”.
        Also, did you just create this account to answer to me? Your username is kinda funny for this discussion.

    4. It’s kind of funny how you come to your logic tho :/
      Even if I do give excuses, didn’t I post the chapter?
      If I were to make up an excuse, wouldn’t it be better to give excuses like “Sorry guys, I was busy blablabla ytd and wasn’t able to make any release!” instead and skip a day off instead of coming up with an excuse where I still have to release a chapter?

      So…come up with something that actually makes sense if you’re trying to comment about me.

      1. Its okay senpai, there are more people who are grateful towards you than those who just knows how to complain without taking into consideration what others have been doing for them. Im really grateful that you are still translating this novel >.<

      2. Heaven Spiritual Root minds discuss ideas; Earth Spiritual Roots minds discuss events; Man Spiritual Root minds discuss people. How dare this 1-grade Man Spiritual Root libel our beloved Great Panda?!

      3. Mixes some purple haze grass with some snow grass, solani grass and mellow grass. Ratio should be 4:1:2:4. Now everyone take a chill pill and stop being butt hurt when it takes a few extra hours to get posted. The guy has a real life too.

        Thanks Thyaeria!

    5. If I was Thyaeria reading comments like these I’d be inclined to drop it.

      Translating these chapters and publishing them is a selfless act. If he really only wanted to translate them for his own benefit, he doesn’t need to publish them.

      Claiming he’s going to drop it and showing your ungratefulness is a self fulfilling prophacy.

          1. If I knew my comment would turn into a prophecy I would make it more elaborate, starting with “At the darkest hour” and rhyming.

      1. It is my understanding that the donations go, at least in part, to Thyaeria and his editors. Is this true or not true? If he is getting paid, it is not at all selfless. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate it, but it does mean he’s not just some great saint being altruistic with his time for the good of others. He could be, and is, doing it for the benefit of others, but not without reward. Unless the sponsor button doesn’t actually sponsor the translator and editors, in which case there is a huge issue with where that money is going.

        1. I’m sure a large part of donations go to him yes, but that isn’t pay, its like commission, where people aren’t obliged to pay you, and most don’t want to.

          Consider the 275 chapters he has translated, even if it only takes 1 hour to translate each, that’s 275 hours of pay for the $300 dollars that’s in the kitty? Surely you see that’s not a means of living, 1 dollar an hour, probably less. And that’s after nearly a year of work.

          Also if he purchases his raws that needs to be taken into account as well. Plus splitting it with his editors.

          1. I didn’t say it was a means of living, I just was saying it isn’t a selfless act. And I’m pretty sure the money in the donation thing currently isn’t the total gained over the however long he has been translating. I think you read my response in the wrong tone, and unless I’m reading yours in the wrong tone, you’re being a bit overly confrontational and condescending. I also think you mean “tips” instead of “commission,” commission is something you get based upon performance, tips is something extra people can choose to give or not. I never said he can or is making a living, I merely said it isn’t selfless if there is reward or incentive, be it pay/tip/commission.

          2. Certainly wasn’t trying to be confrontational or condescending, and I apologise if it came across that way. Just of a different opinion to you. I view the money he has earned from this as pittance for the large amount of work he has put in, and really can’t convince myself that amount of work is a result of the incentive of the sporadic donations a tiny portion of the readers give.

  2. Hey man, you have done an excellent job translating and I LOVE this series, started reading 2 weeks ago and finally caught up, i’m going to be looking forward to the new chapters, keep up the great work and don’t mind the complainers, they should be happy that there are even chapters being translated. Even if you are late every once in a while you can technically change the release schedule at anytime,I think i can speak for many many people who are super appreciative that a chapter has been coming out once a day instead of once a week so you just do your thing man! Thanks again!

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