【TDG】Chapter 271

Today’s chapter, the previous chapter was for yesterday!!!

Well, since my editors have been pretty bothered by the comments around here, I’d thought I’ll do some talking xD

Firstly, I’ve promised everyone 6-7 chapters/week during my holiday (and I have been keeping up my promise!), for reference click here!
The author is still releasing 1-2 chapters a week btw, although he seems to have left a note in the Manhua/Manga that he’d be back in 2 chapters a day. But then again, you can’t blame the author for going to hospital!

Secondly, about inconsistent releases, I’ve never gone without posting a chapter for more than a day, I’ll usually post the next day’s chapter, hence making 6 chapters a week. I’ve no idea how did people come up with stories of me not posting any chapters for 3 days, which I’ve double checked the dates of my releases for the past week to make sure.

The only week I’ve posted 5 chapter a week was 2 weeks ago which is on the week that I’m having my exams and I’ve told everyone about it.

and as for PS4… I ran out of games to play for a week lol… Just waiting for Dark Souls 3 xD (I’ll still be maintaining my releases so don’t worry! Don’t wanna get too pissed off at dying the whole day when playing DS3 xD)

Chapter 271 – Spiritual Flames

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    1. Saw your comment on the previous chapter, it was pretty funny tho xD
      I don’t really get bothered much by those negative comments, it’s just that my editors are a little bothered by it lol.

      1. Sorry it looked like a negative comment. I was just giving an observation and being a butt. Anywho, you guys do you and keep doing a good job!!

  1. I have been reading TDG for awhile and you have done a hell of a job translating this. I can even remember you pumping out sometimes 14-20 chapters in a week when you weren’t busy. I know it’s easier said than done but I’d just recommend ignoring the comments. Anyone who complains about how often you release just shows how ignorant they are to the incredible amount of effort you have put in and they probably haven’t been reading TDG for a long time.

  2. Thank you very much for the chapters, I’m using google traslator x, I follow your work from some 100 chapters, I am very grateful :D!
    Greetings from Chile xP

  3. If you are waiting for dark souls 3, you just HAVE to play salt & sanctuary
    I bought it when it came out on the 15th and I fcking love it
    It is like dark souls mixed with castlevania and with a skill tree instead of simply getting stat points for level ups

    1. I confirm that. If you like 2D games and Dark Souls, Salt and Sanctuary is a must. It’s completely a 2D Dark Souls, the creators doesn’t even hide it. Even the currency (Salt instead of Soul).

      Can’t wait the PC release.

  4. Cheers for the info and the upload ,
    i’ve found this great job you’ve done from your old site and used to sub to it and as someone else posted you used to pump out release’s like mad to me ,
    i think some people get confused with time zones the – this or + that and then think ………
    ohh he hasn’t released as the time said xyz when they look and confuse themselves

  5. Thanks for the chapterS! The only thing I’m upset about is that Nie Li has not made a chill pill elixir for these angry and impatient TDG Fans. Keep doing, what you are doing and enjoy being out of school.

  6. Cheers for the info and the upload ,
    i think some people get confused with time zones the – this or + that and then think ……ohh he hasn’t released as the time said xyz when the look and confuse themselves
    on the old site you used to pump out copy’s like crazy as someone else has pointed out
    let the haters hate and the readers read 🙂

  7. I made an account only for the purpose of leaving this message. I imagines its incredibly frustrating for translators and editors to get negative comments, but the people that leave comments like that are by far the minority of the people that enjoy the great work yall are doing. This goes not just to TDGs but all of the projects.

  8. Thanks for the regular translations! This is coming up on my favorite part, I had to go back and get excited again with MT. Time is going to drag on for the next 20 chapters 🙁

  9. Glad ya weren’t bothered by the negative comments Thyaeria, I know it made me mad seeing people complaining and being straight up rude.

    Hope Dark Souls 3 is good 😛

  10. Thyaeria be my nakama!!
    And about my comment before, i just wanna set sail to hongkong and china for couple week tomorrow (its serious)
    So wanna be my nakama?

  11. Let me say Thank you and Ignore the leechers.

    Now, I can understand their pain, because we get spoiled with a chapter every day, and day after day… then it stops with no word, and the inner Sheldon Cooper comes out. At times like these, I don’t comment because I know that I must leash Sheldon… unfortunately not everyone feels the same way…

  12. Thanks for all the chapters! Appreciate it! The author is at the hospital hope he gets well soon i’d love 2 chapters a day tbh can’t have enough of tdg. I plan on getting dark souls 3 as well (demon souls vet over here) Be prepared to die alot!

  13. Thanks for Chapters and don’t bother the negative comments !
    your doing really good ! and though i would love 7~14 Chapter a Week ! but your decision is also right,
    if we catch up with latest chapter and we have to wait 1 week for each chapter ! it’s a pain !
    i rather enjoy it 1 chapter a day 😛

  14. It kind of bothers me that people would actually complain, and that it would affect you enough to write about it.

    Most people here thank you for the massive effort you and the team put in. I’m sure there’s the odd person complaining but please don’t only see the bad and ignore the good!

    You do great work here, please keep translating, at whatever pace works for you!

  15. Thank you for the chapter =D
    I read it all the TDg on the other page people posted before, have to say, your is way better.
    Keep taking your time, really apriciate all your hard work.
    Do not listen the haters, they do not know what are talking about.
    Remember the most of us always wainting for your release with love and patiante.
    Sorry for the bad english kkkkk

  16. I have been reading TDG a bit late since Chapter 5+ in Thyaeria’s previous website. From the last half a year, I strongly believe Thyaeria is among the capable translator providing us constant chapters daily. He also comes into berserk mode when pumping out 2-4 chapters a day during his school break. I also noticed that he started write some footnote, it show how much work he had done for TDG.

    But as an avid follower of TDG, I also noticed that Thyaeria punctuality is dropping. Thyaeria still keep his promise with 6-7 chapters/week which I am really grateful. But, instead of constant 1 chapter/day, he leaves us with no chapter for the whole 2 day before posted 2 chapters simultaneously (happen more than once). I also notice drastically change in his time of posting, from around 8-9 pm (+8 Singapore) and now 12-5 am.

    I understand it is not easy to translate but your outstandingly manage to do that before. For that I am really thankful and grateful. One of the reasons I read TDG is because Thyaeria is the translator. Other than reading TDG, also read your comment so I understand your difficulty. But I really hope you can maintain the punctuality.

    1. So basically you’re saying he’s still punctual but he has switched to a different time schedule? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Just get used to this new schedule and read the chapters next morning instead of late at night. From my side, I am extremely grateful that someone puts this amount of effort into translating TDG, and we have no right to bitch him for being “late” by a few hours… Just give him a break and understand that he has other obligations/goals in life and appreciate his immense work as you were doing in the beginning of the comment 😉

      1. I commented with a good intention and stating the obvious. Only some people are afraid to comment it. Try check the last few chapters posting time, then you see what I mean. Can accept for any time schedule change, but be consistent.

        Actually, as long as he keep translating TDG, I didn’t mind the late chapter. Some novel even have 1 chapter/week and I can live with that. But I only hope the best for him. To help him improve as a translator.

        1. You didn’t read his message, his schedule is 6-7 chapters a week not 1 chapter a day. He just normally releases once a day. If he wanted to could release all 6 or 7 at once on 1 day and not do anything else for the rest of the week and keep to the schedule he said he would. :p

          1. And you, my friend, didn’t read my comment properly. I just hope he can maintain his previous punctuality and consistency. If he can’t, then no problem with me. I’m also a fan of his translation.

            But even his editor sound his concern about the bad comment. May be his editor found some truth in the comment.

  17. thyaeria please do not mind, there are tonnes who tendto comment without checking the logs properly. u indeed maintained as u had said,
    thank you for your hard work as usual ^^
    also dark souls 3 hah….i remember dark souls made me destroy a keyboard, man that game……

  18. Thanks for another release.

    Also, try not to be bothered by comments from people complaining about chapters not being released fast enough, you are releasing these chapters for free and on your own free time. Everyone here should be thankful that you are releasing them at all. I am not saying I would not enjoy more chapters being released faster but the last thing you, or anyone else, wants is for you to get burnt out with Tales of Demons and Gods.

  19. I appreciate everything you have done. I believe some of the misconception is anyone that says anything is hater and other side are almost worshipers that just hoping to not offend god because he might take it all away. Which is nice but will they ever provide helpful constructive criticism? The translations are excellent, having been so enamored by the story I went and tried to piecemeal what I could from bot translations. Wuxia is free for people who never donate but on the other side some money is exchanged. So if we treat it like business work would come first, then fun. (School is before business) It is little hard to see that us as fans are an after thought or something to do whenever. I check in similar to dog waiting for it’s owner to return for updates. I slightly disagree with worry that we will catch up if more than one is released per day. Currently you make up about +5 week in ground looking at 32 weeks. Maybe two in one day for more donations? When I first started reading here your meter was really high (maybe it was not working properly $1600) and everything was moving fast but since dropped down has not seemed change much. Not sure if correlation between two? I want win win situation where you get donations you deserve and fans also get from you what they know you can do. These stories really need to come with warning *do not start reading unless you can be patient or it is complete* I started with Coiling Dragon finished quickly then reread. The new age of ongoing stories is interesting way to experience other cultures. Is also difficult when you are used to book just being beginning, middle & end.

  20. Have faith in Lord Fifth, gain eternal life. When Lord fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    囧Ψ? THANKS ?Ψ囧
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  21. Hi, im also an addict of TDG, and now i want to thank you for the hard work and realeses.

    I dont want to complain with you, and im not the translator, so you have freedom, but i wanted to show you some math:
    Raw: 431 / weekly update
    Translation: 271 / daily 1 update
    If you translate 1/day, then it’ll take about 24-25 weeks to catch up with the Raws.
    But if you have free time, and want to suprise us, and you have spirit to translate, then you could realese for a month or for 2-3 weeks 2/day, and max. you will catch up with the raws in august or september if the autor mantain in the hospital((hopefully he’ll be better shortly)).

    Im not complaining just a little advice or possibility :)))
    And sry for my English.
    Have a nice day, and thank you again for the hard work!!!

  22. I dont know who said that they didnt post for over 3 days but it hasn’t been like that. As far as uploads they have been good about 1-2 days and even said when it would be late for whatever reason. my comment that i had was about professionalism. If they have done 2-4 chapters a day before and wants to do 1 chapter a day now why not do an extra chapter one day to stay ahead just in case something comes up and also to stay punctual with the uploads. the uploads as of now are sporadic and some people look to the previous chapter seeing that it has been over 24 hours since the last upload wondering why there isn’t an upload. Regardless i am happy for the translations and hope that they will take criticism to heart and work to be more punctual because this is the reason for people freaking out.

  23. The doctor to the patient: ‘You are very sick’
    The patient to the doctor: ‘Can I get a second opinion?’
    The doctor again: ‘Yes, you are very ugly too…’

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