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    1. I think the nether god and xiao yu are both the same person like the bula kind in coiling dragon if he he is not his child or adoption

      Why does nie le not giving a complete technique to xiao yu

    1. Who wants to bet he’s gonna give us a chapter with some excuse and then he’s gonna say he’s gonna post a second chapter the same day, but doesn’t post it cause *insert another excuse.*? (BTW I’M IN NO FORM OR WAY DISSING HIM/HER/THEM. I KNOW HE/SHE/THEM HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE THIS SITE AND HE/SHE/THEM ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.)

      1. Don’t promise another chapter unless you’re actually going to translate it. Don’t even mention one unless YOU ARE GOING TO TRANSLATE IT. If there’s a type of person who I hate more than anything, it has to be a person who goes back on their word. That’s all on YOU when you type out, “Hey, I’m going to post a second chapter today to make up for missing yesterday!” I’d support having him translate a chapter for every time he’s promised. Don’t go back on your word and don’t make false promises. That makes you no better than Donald Trump. Don’t be Donald Trump. Actually hold true to what you say, because as it stands now. 8/10 times, when he says he’s going to post a second chapter, I call bull. Then it just so happens that I’m right. That’s horrible. And yes, I AM dissing them about failing to keep to their word. Your word is your bond. Don’t just go back on it at the drop of a dime. If you promise a second chapter, work on it directly after posting the first, have it done, then post it later.

  1. I’m pretty sure that they are just not motivated and are doing other things to get their mood up to do more. when this happens it is usually best to have done multiple chapters so you can upload one of those pre-translated chapters so that way you can give yourself a break without falling behind or angering your followers. This is what people do when they want to make a career of what they are doing like youtubers for example but this takes much more time then translating because editing and converting the videos could take hours. not including the video itself could be taken within 20 mins – hours depending on the type of video and what you are wanting to do with the video. when i jumped into this series it was when he/she started there exams and the excuses with no follow up. so to me it feels like they take this as a hobby in laid back attitude and not as a profession so this could happen a lot because it is based on his/her mood.

    1. Already did that and I’m all caught up. Got tired of this person and their excuses since I was hooked on this novel and couldn’t wait for it to be updated once every other day at best. Knowing what’s going to happen in the next almost 200 chapters doesn’t make me as desperate to read it like it used but I still check it daily since the machine translation didn’t make sense in a lot of sentences. You have to be brain dead to not understand the main story at least XD.

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