14 thoughts on “【TDG】Chapter 266” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thyaeria team thanks for the chapter??

    There are a few questions and speculations of mine.
    1 demon lord could be the sage emperor with a different body and a stronger soul as it was indicated in the previous chapter with few dailogues

    2 why nie le not helping xiao by yu giving a complete dragon mytiad cultivation technique

    3 what are the roots of the nie le friends and especially demon lords
    Will they tell us.

    4 temporal demon spirit book being absorbed by nie le or significantly destroyed.

    5 through soul array can they communicate distantly

    Thyaeria is quite interesting but the first few chapters in a week are without any significant content unlike the coiling dragon
    Novel each chapter was important which is making me going nuts!!!

    1. Ummmmmm I feel like you’re rushing the part about nie li not helping with the cultivation technique… They literally just got to the divine feather sect, he has had no time nor orportunity to help him/her with it.. Be patient lol…. Also thyaeria is the translator not the writer, and it’s kinda unfair to compare one book on here as far as weekly chapter content to another as they are at different points in their respective stories and are being translated at a different pace

  2. About the one chapter per day thing: I agree entirely with your point of not releasing too much so that we don’t catch up too fast
    But I really think you should translate in advance but post the chapters one at a time so that if you ever encounter difficulties (exams?) you can still keep up

    1. As long as we keep this as a suggestion and not a lecture, I agree. That is, do the thing you feel most comfortable with – that way both readers and translator win.

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