【TDG】Chapter 259

My holiday has officially begun.

HOWEVER, I will still maintain 6-7chapters/week and not 2chapter/day.
Reason being the author has been taking a rest from writing for 1-2months now(have been releasing barely 1chapter/week) and who knows when will he be back.
Therefore, to avoid rushing too much chapter out and find ourselves out of chapters to read, I’ve decided that I will maintain 1chapter/day until the author is back in action!

I hope everyone will understand and thank you for supporting TDG!
Without further ado, here’s ytd’s chapter! Today’s chapter would either be early or late since I only have some time before I need to go out to celebrate my last day of school ytd!

Chapter 259 – Rage

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. Well then, during this time, why not translate ahead so that if you have a day or 2 you can’t translate, you’d have chapters ready to post?

    Thanks for the chapter XD

  2. how about just translate 2 chapter, but only release one.
    that way u’ll have back up chapters in case u feel like being lazy, or feel like releasing double chapters

  3. Thyaeria If u got Extra time and Feel like it 😀
    I Would Love it if you could go Help RDG Translate Cults of Sacred Runes Faster !
    With his Current Speed it take like 3-4 year before he finish !
    I Really want to read that Story,
    More importantly, TDG Will have Reference with CSR Later on, it seems that story finish kinda weird and ppl saying Author will mix them up Later in TDG after a while ! so it sucks if we are not up to date with both !

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