【TDG】Chapter 254

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Chapter 254 – Becoming a Disciple

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    @Thyaeria, do you have any idea what happened to the author? Base on what i read a few weeks back, he said something about resting and taking it slow on releasing new chapters but it’s been weeks since the release of chapter 427… any idea what happened to him?

      1. Thanks grool, yea i read that post a week back… was wondering if there’s any other news about the author since it’s been more than a week since he had another post ><. The cliff hanger he left there is killing me…

  2. Hi i got some question here :
    1. How do xiao xue get so strong? i mean like he’s not like lupiao that gets teaching from nieli in the firstplace, is she a genius before joining the group?

    2. I think the group consist of nieli,yeziyun,ninger,duanjian(dragon),duze,lupiao,xiaoxue,weinan and 2 more, this chapter doesn’t tell about weinan and the 2 more guy, did they fail the test?

    1. 1. The author did mention that xiao xue is talented, and i think i read some where nieli imparted a cultivation technique to her as well, with her talent and all it’s not that hard to catch up to lupiao and others.

      2. To prevent spoilers, i will reveal some part of the story
      -None of them fail the test
      -They split up and step into a new world to train, to become stronger.
      -You will be shock at Lu piao’s latent talent.
      -Tsundere appears, and fall in love with nieli
      -nieli pretty much becomes a badass with hundreds of loyal Dao of Dragon experts under him.

      May be i reveal a little too much…

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