【TDG】Chapter 252

Sorry about not having any release yesterday, I went out to grab dinner and forgot to bring my keys with me. In the end, I had to wait till late 11pm before my parents come home :/

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Chapter 252 – Soul

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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    1. Just hitchin a ride on your comment Bardioc 😛

      Thyaeria you don’t need to keep apologising! You do fantastic work and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’re happy for all the chapters you translate regardless of frequency!

      1. Well his apologies are the only way we find out about whats going on in his life so I say keep them coming :p I am a curious person who always wants to know whats going on in awesome peoples lives

  1. TDG has the most excuses ever for late releases. Almost every release has a sorry statement. Dont be sorry man just do it right, then there is no need to be sorry.

  2. Chapt 252 – sorry for…
    Chapt 251 – making up for…
    Chapt 250 – sorry, we’ll decrease ..
    Chapt 249 – sorry for…
    Chapt 248 – i fell asleep
    Chapt 244 – sorry for ..

    Thanks for the chapters, dude 🙂

  3. Damn people can be dickish, well just know we appreciate what you’re doing and wish you the best of luck with your finals. I’m just glad you’re almost done, I can’t wait for 2 chapters a day again. :3

  4. at the mean while you were away I had already began on reading Wu dong qian kun and is on the 136 chapter…. then you could imagne how bored i was meanwhile you were away -_-

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