【TDG】Chapter 250

Minor notice here~!
I’ll be having exams on the second week of March and it’s my final exam because aft that, I’ll graduate from my current school!

Therefore, there’ll be a slight decrease in the amount of chapters for the next 2 week.
However, I will maintain a 5chapter/week for that two week and if I’m free, I’ll get more out 🙂

Hope all of you will understand!

Chapter 250 – Zhu Long

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Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. Thyaeria probably fell asleep again, just before actually posting the link to the chapter 🙂

    Access to chapter operational now, thanks a lot and good luck on your exams !

  2. thanks “Thyaeria” for updating even in this busy time of your life. Goodluck in your coming exam. thanks also to the sponsors and editors of TDG. have a nice day ahead peace! 🙂

  3. Thanks Man, even if u go to 3 chapter a week on your Exam weeks its still fine 😛
    although it would be cool to be faster after your Exams end and u got free time after it all ended 😛

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