【TDG】Chapter 243

Sorry about ytd’s chapter! I went to sleep thinking that I had already posted the chapter :/ Anyway, there’s be 2 today to make up for ytd and this is the first one!

Chapter 243 – Black Infernal Refining

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  1. These people are getting paid for their work, also remember he has a new PS4 I highly doubt that he went to sleep early. I do appreciate the work just hate the lies.

  2. I my self work 2 jobs in my spare time i read these very great translations on wuxiaworld. Besides that all i do is sleep so you never know others situation.
    I also have a ps4 and only play when i have a day off for couple of hours.

  3. Seriously man you better man up and DO WHAT YOU SAID. Where is the other chapter? Man you are on a schedule, and get off the PS4, if you can’t then give this novel to another translator who HAS TIME. I really hope you don’t give a BS excuse again. Seriously though if you accept the money donation (which means we paid you) then DO THE WORK. Thanks 🙂

    1. look here buddy, the translator isn’t doing any service to you, there is a bloody reason these are called DONATIONS and not tranlation fee. Besides anything could have happened, even an accident, so chill out and wait patiently without b**ching about it

    1. LOL because we are realists. He said he would do something and he didn’t. He even apologized for the mistake and said he would do something. And then he doesn’t. That’s disrespectful AF. On the off chance that’s true then sh*tty, but 99.99% likely he just playing on the PS4

      1. I read another LN on another site and they take donations and put out one every 2 weeks… Having even 5 chapters a week is awesome. Would I like him to stick with what he says he’s gonna do? Of course. But at the end of the day he’s still putting out chapters at a rate that would put other translators to shame, and doing so while preparing for college graduation, that’s not a simple feat. And if he’s playing the ps4, so what? I’m sure the guy works his ass off all the time, he deserves it.

      2. If you donated (key word, DONATE) and aren’t happy – I’m sure Thyaeria would be happy to refund you. If you didn’t – you have no standing to complain at all. Pipe down. Everyone has things to do.

  4. Being realists, are you donators?
    What if there is enough harassing that they just give up translations?
    99.99%, that is a really ridiculous number.
    Given the comments and things he has posted in the past, PS4 isn’t the most common reason. There are too many unknowns, I’d say saying the chance is 9.999% is already a stretch.

    Also a less extreme reaction might just be translating a lower guaranteed number.
    Less expectation, less work for them.
    Probably lower motivation and will make future goals of translation slower
    etc etc etc

    You guys are doing great as realists..

    ps every time i reply in the past, it doesn’t reply to the post but goes to the bottom.
    It might just happen again 😛

  5. Thats true it is rude if on purpose but getting mad isn’t going to accomplish any thing, (anger breeds anger). Can u translate maybe, maybe not.
    As for me i do not have the ability to translate so i am just happy he does it in the first place.

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