【TDG】Chapter 236

Sorry for not releasing any chapter yesterday! I had to collect some stuff which took me the entire day despite being down with fever and terrible headache so I didn’t translate any chapter ytd, sorry about that!

Chapter 236 – Wings of Law

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I recommend that you get better to some extent before continuing translating…..I mean your health is more important than us scrubs 😛

  2. I knew it. Xiao Yu is the master of the nether realm. That explains why the Spiritual God of Death is so pissed.

    “…Ming Fei, you’ve been trying to restrain me, but that’s impossible! My Law of Death is on an even higher level than to your Law of Nether!”

    I am going to say he was yelling at Xiao Yu. It would explain his Strength, ability to detect the 2 laws in Nie Li, and the other mysterious parts of Xiao Yu – like how he got mad when he asked if Nie Li was interested in being a disciple for the master of the spiritual realm.

    1. I think Xiao Yu is just a disciple. Death is just shouting in general, but not directing it at anyone. And he is genuinely surprised by Xiao Yu’s ability to cut his ropes(you would figure the master of the nether would at least be capable of that without Death being surprised) and does not appear to recognise him.

      Also the master of the nether wouldn’t be so helpless against those demigods they avoided or the hands that reached out to grab them.

      1. I think it is a facade he puts up to recruit people. Nie Li is hiding things from him, yet he knew so much of Nie Li just by looking at him and Nie Li could not measure his strength. It would be no surprise if he was attempting to get more info about Nie Li to test is potential as a disciple and understand his motive and/or morals.

  3. This’d be my first time commenting here after reading so many chapters… Thank you so much for translating this. Health first before anything else. take care… btw..I’m so excited for the what will happen on next chapter.

  4. This usually happens to authors / scanlators / translators… most awesome chapters happens after their break… I hope you get well, and rest whenever you want – not only when you need it and after you get sick!
    Thanks for the chapter! ^_^

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