【TDG】Chapter 232

Sorry for the super late upload, my lappy was going all crazy on me ytd and didn’t manage to get this chapter out.
Does anyone encounter any issue like having your internet constantly disconnected in your laptop or something after the Windows 10 upgrade? This issue have been pissing me off for sometime now :/

Anyways, is there any other PS4 games that you guys would recommend? I just reached Lv 40 on Destiny.

Edit: Happy lunar new year!

Chapter 232 – The entering method

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  1. Well, thank you for the chapter.
    I have same problem with you on win 10, but after reconfig my router everything go normal again.

    And drop the destiny, lol.

  2. I never upgraded to Windows 10.. Even though it’s free, I never have heard anything good about it. The fact that Microsoft seems to want to force it down everyone’s throat makes me even more skeptical… For PS4 games, like others have said, Bloodborne.. And also I would recommend Until Dawn.

  3. I’d only pick up metal gear when it goes on sale. The last part of the game is a rushed piece of garbage, but the first 3/4 are a dam good game.

    I’d also pick up Diablo 3, Warframe, sleeping dogs, and tomb raider.

  4. What is your light level on Destiny? I’m 319 on all my characters. If you want to run a raid or some trials Filth_and_Fury is my psn account. Hit me up I’m in the top 3% of Destiny for PvP and in the Top 1% for PvE.

  5. Sometimes the driver are not compatible with your hardware even though windows 10 upgrade is possible. That’s what happened to me. The problem will come again for time to time even after i got it fixed. So I decided to buy a mini USB WiFi adapter and works fine.

    BTW thanks for the chapter 🙂

  6. most of the time, any sort of windows 10 related weirdness is cause by your drivers not being compatible with windows 10.

    for internet
    hit “start + x” > click “device manager” > click “network adapters” > look at the things that show up > google search the things there + “drivers windows 10” > find the manufacturer’s site link > if it doesn’t directly go to the drivers page, you should be close enough to find it from there.

    if something stops working:
    hit “start + x” > click “device manager” > find the device not working > right click > “disable” > right click again after it is disabled > click “enable”; to forcibly refresh windows’ recognition of the device

    ctrl + shift + esc (task manager) > click “services” tab > at the bottom a blue link “open services” > look for the services related to those drivers or devices > right click > click “restart” ; to forcibly refresh the drivers/services directly (for audio problems especially)

    also be careful of having more than one driver per device, nvidia has hdaudio drivers for my sound card, but he manufacturer also has drivers, when i have both on my computer, it causes the windows audio service to crash every 20 minutes.

  7. Thanks for the chapter

    A lot of laptop users are experiencing issues with Windows 10 thanks to drivers not getting properly updated by manufacturers for windows 10.

    As for games I can mainly just agree with the rest: Witcher 3, Bloodborne, MGSV, The Witness and Diablo 3

  8. Hey and thanks for the chapter!

    Try turning of Internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) you can find it by doing this:

    Open the Network and Sharing Center
    Click on Change Adapter Settings on the left hand side.
    Right click on your wireless adapter and click Properties
    Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

    This has sometimes solved sudden disconnecting issues with my internet. If that doesn’t work it’s most likely driver incompability with Windows 10. Sadly I dont know to much about fixing that :/

    Hope this works 🙂

  9. I’m super grateful to each and every chapters!
    I also had problem with the latest win10 update. I fixed it by copying WinSock.reg and WinSock2.reg from another PC then copying it to my PC. I also used sfc /scannow and finally, netsh winsock reset. (Let me know if you need more detailed step by step) I hope this helps.

    Source: http://preview.tinyurl.com/Win10netprob

    1. I’ll post what I did anyways, my earlier post seems lacking… hahaha
      I also did what svnhddbst and Lurifax posted:

      1. Run “regedit”. Exported these 2 files for backup:
      2. Uninstalled/Disabled my Network Adapter from Device Manager.
      3. Exported Winsock and Winsock2 from another PC (Windows 7) any winversion will do as sfc will fix it later. Used USB flash drive to copy 2 “.reg” files from win7 pc to win10 pc.
      4. Merged the win7 Winsock and Winsock2 to win10 PC.
      5. Run CMD as administrator. Command “sfc /scannow” – this will take a while, so, you can translate for the meantime…
      6. Still on CMD. Command “netsh winsock reset”
      7. Restart PC. I got my connection back and seems like there’s no issue whatsoever, I deleted win10 backup reg.

  10. Thanks for the chapter! I don’t say that enough, on any of the novels I read, but the efforts of all you translators really mean a lot to me.

    As far as ps4 games go, what do you like? Disgaea 5 was tons of fun for me, if you like the tactical/strategy rpg stuff, and Gravity Rush and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth were just released on ps4, and are both fun RPGs. There are a good number of remasters on ps4 that are nice, though not necessarily worth it if you’ve already played the games. Borderlands Handsome Collection, Dishonored, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 come to mind. I recently picked up Terraria on ps4, and for whatever reason I’ve gotten way more into it there than I ever did on pc. Diablo 3 was fun, but unless you’ve got friends for coop, it can get old quickly. Resident Evil 0 and 1 are out now, and they’re nice games if you like survival horror. It’s definitely from a different era, but they’re still fun to play. Transistor and Bastion are fun games, but I don’t know that ps4 gives anything over other systems, including pc… Armello was an interesting boardgame digital thing, but the nature of it means no local coop. Vs computer isn’t bad, but it’d help if you had friends to play with online. In retrospect, there aren’t that many games that I’ve been playing that aren’t unique to the system, but I hope some of these are interesting to you.

  11. So I’ve played most of these games, even though I don’t really own a ps4 lol, and I have to agree with the list, also maybe evil within… Got me with the jump scare a couple of times.

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