【TDG】Chapter 230

Sorry for the long delay, I just brought PS4 after a long debate and was convinced by my friends :/ Since they are all going to get PS4. And I finished setting up everything while being pissed at why the voucher code isn’t working D: 5 of them at that too!

Strange that the ID thyearia is taken :/ I was pretty sure that name wasn’t that common…

Chapter 230 – Disturbed Peace of Mind

Sponsored by Dustin H, Udom D, Thomas L & lee g!
Edited by Xex & Dogboy90

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  1. Well, the name Putorius also isn’t common, bit i still got pissed because it was taken when i was creating a character in WoW. And also when i was making an account on Twitch.

  2. If you are using reg 1 account, you can just buy the ps+ using paypall.

    And if you are using reg 3 account, its better to buy it from pa store using credit card.

    Wait up, what code did you mean there?
    Did you buy 2nd hand BD?

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