【TDG】Chapter 229

Here’s the dose of today’s TDG. Typing is so hard now that I have change a new keyboard :/ My previous keyboard went all crazy and started DC time to time when I translate which is very irritating D: So I went to the nearest mart and grabbed a keyboard. Now, it feels so weird in the new keyboard and I’ve just noticed that the new keyboard is slightly smaller :/

Also, I went to grab a keyboard and forgot to have my dinner. I just remembered that like 5mins ago and it’s already like 10pm

RIP keyboard 2015-2016

Chapter 229 – Xiao Yu

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  1. hell yeah. 4th. does that mean im in F5 sect? i mean ive been reading everychapter as soon as it comes out but this is the first time ive tryed to be in the top 5.

    1. Sorry man, hate to break it to you but, you are in the peanut gallery.XD To join the F5 sect you have to be in the actual fight(chapter). Still better luck next time.

  2. thanks for the chapter!

    Just a little question, don’t take it wrong but i was quite fired up when you said you would post 10 chapters a week, but that it had to wait the end of your exams. So now, are you gonna try doing it, or not? Please tell us because the hope to have a surprise chapter is killing me slowly…

    Anyway, keep up the good work 😀

  3. haha that’s so me
    The other day I was making pasta, then went to read some novels while it was cooking.
    2-3 hours later the firealarms started in the entire house and the pasta was set on fire while i was reading.
    RIP pot 2013 – 2016

  4. “Those lingering memories of you and i, i shall remember it along with my last goodbye. I’m very grateful towards you who used me as a thing to bring happiness, and i shall perish with what i thought to be right.” The keyboard said as he gasped for a breath.

    “Don’t be sad my friend. I won’t furrow my brows for even a second for you. Shall we meet in the next life, then you and i shall have a toast.” With that, the keyboard stopped working. Never did thyaeria thought that he would regret this, it was like countless needles piercing through his shallow heart.

    He held the keyboards side, as he shook it a few more times. ‘No… it can’t be. If only i am more careful then it would have not perished… No. It’s my fault!’


    a shriek of despair and hopelessness engulfed his whole heart. At this hopeless moment, dense hairs suddenly sprouted out from his body, as a white and black fur covered him. If one looked closer, then he would witnessed an impossible scene!!


  5. Sad news about your keyboard…
    But on the other side, a toast for very happy relationship with the new one! (until it dies in about 1y ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the chapter!

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