【TDG】Chapter 222

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So guys, recently, I’ve been in dilemma as whether should I get a tablet so that I could translate on the bus to school instead of using my phone with limited screen size. Thing is, I’m not sure about getting it because I tend to have a habit of throwing other stuff aside after awhile which is why I never get myself a PS4 or consoles because they’ll just be left aside to gather dust after 1-2 weeks. (I’m not buying it because I can also watch netflix while translating on my computer cough cough)

And I’d be graduating in 1-2 months, enrolling in a different school that is walking distance to my home. So.. I’m not sure if I will still have a use of my tablet by then…

So… Yea or Nay?

Chapter 222 – Two brothers

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  1. My tablet sits to the side as well. It was nice for a while, but I wish I had gone for a windows tablet instead of a FIRE tablet. Unless you really just want the amazon books only, dont go for a Kindle Fire…Its not a bad thing, but its usefulness with not allowing some really common software to run on it (like flash player) makes it frustrating in general.

  2. I love my tablet I pretty much do everything online and I find that my Tablet gets used more then my phone simply because of the size. I also love being able to use my tablet while using my pc (my pc is craptastic.) if you decide to pick up a tablet I’d go android as to my ipads are way more expensive with way more restrictions and they want you to pay for things that you can get for free across other platforms. Don’t buy any of the crappy android tablets just cause they are cheap as they are buggy cumbersome and are fairly mediocre go for one of the older samsungs the size is dent you can spend about $ 100 and they work great and there is already detailed info for almost any problem you run into. phew lot to type with a virtual keyboard one click at a time.

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