【TDG】Chapter 220

Okay that was quite a rough day ytd to the point that I have to translate this chapter on my phone during my trip to school. Anyways, things should get better now and I can return back to 7chaps a week or hopefully 10.
Sorry about that guys! I’m graduating from college at March so there’s lots of things happening in school now.

Chapter 220 – Legend rank expert?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    So am i the only one that thinks it reads weird “powerful power of Law”? at that point should it be “Law Energy”, or just never go past “Strong power of Law” I mean when they are using it should it be
    “Law energy” and when refering to it’s untapped/refining state call it “power of Law”?
    IDK crazy person rambling. thanks again for the chapter.

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