【TDG】Chapter 211

Well sorry for the super late release…I pretty much dropped my phone in the water and…stuff got messy.
I’m one of those…Cant-live-a-day-without-phone guy so…I had to get things done for it and was really busy ytd.
I’m not sure if there will be any release later on since I have to send my phone for fixing and I have a meeting with a special group 😛

Chapter 211 – Demon Spirit Devouring Technique

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  1. dude a wet phone is such a pain. even when you think it’s fine and turns on, some residual moisture can wreck the whole thing after days or weeks from the original incident

  2. double chapter release tomorrow please! I’m waiting for the next 212 and 213 chapters. You should give us surprise like this since you drop your phone heuheuheu >:)

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